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HANDY - Handy tool for spectra normalization

HANDY - Use of regions and ranges

Table of Contents

Regions and ranges of continuum

Regions wich are composed of ranges are basic structure in HANDY program. User manually add range by range, to make it possible to fit continuum line. Because spectrum always has got some residual-postpipeline structure it is impossible to normalize spectrum simply by using single polynomial fit for whole. Because of that we introduce regions which are defined by the fact that for single region one polynomial is fitted. The type of polynomial is fixed to chebyshev, its degree can be easly adjusted. Each region is composed of ranges which are simply used for fitting given polynomial. Important property of regions is that they cannot overlap.

Regions need to be connected to make it possible to establish continuum for whole range of wavelenght. In order to do that each region fit is computed at some lineary-spaced points (with some default spacing). Then points which belong to all existing regions are connected by Akima-spline function.

There are two important notes:

Regions and ranges manipulations

Saving and loading regions/ranges (continuum files)

Regions and ranges can be easly save to be used for normalization of next precessed spectrum. It can be done with the menu option Save->Save continuum. So called continuum files are ASCII files which keep information about all regions/ranges, its chebyshev polynomials fit order and also all special Points.

Saved continuum file can be loaded by menu option Open->Open continuum file.


Example or regions and ranges manipulations

Regions and ranges manipulations

Example of adjusting order

Example of adjusting order