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HANDY - Handy tool for spectra normalization

HANDY - Install

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Two steps:



You need Python3 with all needed packages.

The easiest way to work with HANDY is with Conda enviroment manager:

Run in HANDY catalog, eg. ~/repos/HANDY/:

conda env create -f environment.yml

Activate the HANDY-env enviroment:

source activate HANDY-env

Verify if enviroment is installed correctly:

conda list


Now you have to clone submodule VidmaPy by calling (from HANDY catalogue):

git submodule update --init

It should clone the vidmapy in to HANDY/vidmapy. The next step is the installation of VidmaPy that enable HANDY to use ATLAS/SYNTHE. To install the vidmapy in HANDY-env environment (you want that), you need to follow the description from VidmaPy README.

Shortly speaking:


After that you may want to make symbolic link in your ~/bin/ directory to file to be able to easly run the program in whole system. Eg. on my system:

ln -s ~/repos/HANDY/ ~/bin/HANDY

Then you should be able to simply run the program by executing:


in your terminal.


If you used git to install HANDY you can easy update HANDY just by pulling changes from remote:

git pull

Otherwise you need to re-install HANDY from newly downloaded .zip file.