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HANDY - Handy tool for spectra normalization

HANDY - (Special) Points in normalization process

Table of Contents

What are Special Points?

Special Points are points manually defined by the user, which will be use to fit continuum line. Each point is defined by its wavelength and ratio its y-coordinate divided by median of little range of flux. Use of ratio insted of y-coordinate make Points portable between defferent spectra we need to normalize. They are needed in places where true continuum is not available in star’s spectrum (eg. near Balmer jump). They need to be used with caution because it easy to bias the spectrum by manually adjusting it to expected result. You should not use them when that is not necessary.

The use of Special Points

Saving of Special Points

Special points are included in so called continuum file which can be saved by menu option Save->Save continuum file. Those files contain also all ranges/regions definitions (see more: Regions and ranges).


Use of special points