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HANDY - Handy tool for spectra normalization

HANDY - Grids of spectra

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Grids of spectra make it possible to compare normalized spectrum to model and establishe some initial guesses for paramters which are often useful further work. Visual interface of grid interface is intuitive, see Basics. During the installation process some predefined grids can be aquired, see Install. New grids can be easly added by the user.

Adding new grid

BasicGrid definition in gridsDefinitions.yaml file

#-------------------------------- ADD NEXT ONE BY ANALOGY
basicGrid: # give your own, distinct name for each grid
  folderName: "bigGrid" # folder grid name
  #define grid:
  # Paramterers included in grid description:
  teff: True
  logg: True
  vmic: True
  me: True
  # define searching for grid files
  fluxFilesFilter: "*norm" # regexp for obtaining list of grid files with glob()
  # Decoding parameters from file names:
  # program reads all numbers (also in float format) in filename of flux files
  # specify which number corresponds to which parameter (count from 0):
  # if paramter is not included is not important
    teff: 1
    logg: 2
    vmic: 3
    me: 0
    teff: 1
    logg: 0.01
    vmic: 1
    me: 1
  # Define reading from grid file
  waveFile: "refWave.dat" # File with reference wavelength, placed in folderName, if None uses waves columns
  skipRows: 0 # No of rows to skip in files with fluxes
  waveColumn: 0 # column with wavelenghts, count from 0
  fluxColumn: 0 # column with flux, count from 0
  comments: "#" # comments sign - default #


Available grids cover most of needed parameter space.

The use of grids